An Ode to Email and Etsy

I love It’s got an indy, crafty feel that makes me want to take up knitting or paper making or some other avant garde pastime. But, when would I have time to write this blog?

So in light of my lack of artistic endeavors, I’m taking my affinity for Etsy and my passion for blogging and combining them for this post, mostly because this company just conducted a marketing campaign worth noting.

Recently, I received the following e-mail message.

Two items are worth noting. First, Etsy scored some major points with the option to update communication preferences. As marketers, sometimes we think we’ve pinned down what our customers want only to find out later, after spending wads of money on related campaigns, that their likes and dislikes changed. Stay ahead of the game with a preference center and ask customers what they want.

Second, Etsy notified customers of privacy policy updates. Privacy is definitely important and its essential that we maintain transparency with our customers, especially in relation to how individuals’ information is shared. This also shows that a company makes privacy a priority and helps develop trust.

Side note: In the past year, Etsy implemented a privacy policy that left many buyers upset about the prospect of their purchase histories being viewed in search engine results. Later, however, these settings were reverted to private as the default.

What’s your policy for finding customer preferences or sending updates on privacy changes?


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