Blippar: QR Codes on Steroids

You’re probably familiar with the futuristic-looking boxes known as QR codes. But have you heard of Blippar?

Recently launched summer 2011, UK-based Blippar uses the latest image recognition technology to make ads the trigger of virtual content. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Blippar app for Apple or Android.
  2. Hold your mobile device up to a Blippable ad.
  3. Blipp it (take a picture) to view content such as games, promotions, Web pages and more.

Users can immediately share via Twitter, Facebook and email.

This is a great way for consumers to interact with a brand and it’s catching on. Candy maker Cadbury incorporated the technology into its candy bars. Chocolate lovers simply blip their candy bar wrapper and a game pops up on the wrapper.  Grocer Tesco began running blippable print ads, which when blipped contain a recipe, store finder and a price-drop promotion.

It’ll be interesting to see how this technology is used in the future.


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